About Us


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PT. Inmas Sunshine first seek to establish itself as a major contender in the food and beverages industry in the late 1990s when it constructed a factory building for its production activities. With the new manufacturing capabilities, the company began producing carbonated and non-carbonated canned drinks for both the domestic and international market.


Leveraging on its strengths in distribution, marketing and selling, PT Inmas Sunshine continuously build links to manufacture for international companies. In 2000, PT. Inmas Sunshine had successfully produced and shipped its first load of non-carbonated canned drinks to Dubai.

PT. Inmas Sunshine demands the very best in all aspects of its business. The company utilizes only high quality and premium ingredients for all its canned drinks. Stringent quality control and improved methods of production ascertain that all products are of the highest quality standards before it is approved for distribution.

Today, PT. Inmas Sunshine has gained  ignificant amount of market share in Sumatra province, Jave province, Kalimantan province and Riau province. Its two core brands D’BEST which focus on noncarbonated drinks and EX GOAL focuses on carbonated drinks has achieved consumer awareness and loyalty. The company continues to develop new taste, to extend into new markets and to support the importance of manufacturing in conformity with the factory’s high quality standards.